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"Not a shout out to a particular band, but a store, Amoeba Records, god I was in heaven for 2 hours!"

"Just watched The Master and although I thought it was good, I think we needed subtitles for Juaquin Phoenix's part."

"Walking Dead rules, and I am FINALLY watchng The Wire."

"Nothing at the moment, but I did recently finish Pete Townshend's autobio."

This site showcases the artwork of popular artist, Ken Meyer Jr. He has done artwork for role playing games, comic books, educational media, films, books, online games and private commissions. Client list includes: McGraw-Hill, Sony, Computor Edge Magazine, Marvel Comics, Image Comics, Caliber Comics, Wizards of the Coast Games, White Wolf Games, Penthouse magazine, RAINN organization, Tori Amos, American Cancer Society, Bell Helmets and more.

The concise portfolio is located

Any piece with an orange price on it is for sale. Prints available of virtually any image, just contact me.

Please visit the Portrait site for your personal portrait needs.

"Please note my email address has changed to and the 'email me' button has only been changed on the mainpages."

"Also, like everyone else, I am on Facebook, so come on by, friend me and say Yo!"

And now, my book is ready to be ordered, both as a pdf (here) for only 5.99 or from me as a softcover (signed). The book, postpaid from me, is 18.00. It is also availlable for a limited time on Amazon here!


News and New Uploads


06/03/2015 "I really need to update this site, but some software issues have prevented me...someday soon I will revamp the whole thing."

03/12/2013 "If you want to see a new sf themed children's book in the works with my art and actually help it to come to pass, go here , a Kickstarter campaign to get it published. Be the first to donate, tons of cool rewards for your hard earned cash!"

03/11/2013 "A few music related uploads for your pleasure, including Gil Scott-Heron, Miles Davis, Jimi Hendrix and a general music themed piece. I am also working on some new Walking Dead paintings, so keep an eye out!"

02/8/2013 "OK! Those of you that still use checks and like my work, my page is now live! You can order checks of 10 different groups, with four different images in each group, as well as the check case with art on it as well! Please share and pass it along! Go here to see more! New uploads include some altered magic cards and a magic playmat."

01/05/2013 "The first upload of the new year! 7 new Game of Thrones pieces, starting with this one!"

11/08/2012 "Finally, a bunch of new images for you to see! Check out the Misc category, because that is where they all are. You will find dogs, a self portrait, a beautiful nekkid lady, an Asian medusa, a new Obama piece, my first Wet Willies cup design and much more, a total of 24 new uploads! Also, you can now order my new book, Into the Crimson Light, which collects my best fantasy and horror work on Amazon. I also just finished 500 Night of the Living Dead sketch covers for Avatar and will post some soon. I am also revamping the pricing on the site. The gothic section is done and some have been reduced hundreds of dollars! Always email me first. Lastly, t here is a new interview with me here, go check it out and leave comments!"

08/14/2012 "I just finished moving across the country from Georgia to California. You are free to welcome me and help my wallet depletion by ordering art! Also, if you don't know it already, you can order prints that are framed and in all sorts of sizes and papers on my Fine Art America page. You can find horror paintings, woman paintings, fantasy paintings, vampires paintings, musicians paintings, sexy paintings, portraits paintings, gothic paintings, singers paintings, comics paintings, movies paintings, guitarists paintings, men paintings, music paintings, spaniards paintings, rock and roll paintings, television paintings, couples paintings, films paintings, monsters paintings, songwriters paintings, blue paintings, landscape paintings, girls paintings, science fiction paintings, nature paintings, and more.

06/02/2012 "Two big updates in almost as many days! This time, it's all new Magic card alterations, all in the misc category (look near the bottom). You will see some superheroes, classic cards redone in weird fashions, 4 classic black and white film monsters (my faves), a new 4 horsemen of the apocalypse, the mystic remora put through some strange circumstances (one of it as the Mona Lisa, I kid you not), and some I can't even explain!"

05/28/2012 "It's the mother of all uploads! Tons of new vampire/horror pieces, including...well, just go to the fourth and fifth page of the gothic section and go crazy! Over 40 new images!"

04/13/2012 "I just added several new images to the portrait subsite. If you need a portrait done, please check this out!"

04/06/2012 You can see is allllll the original drawings/paintings done for the new version of Atmospherics. Just go here and to see all the following ones, replace the numbers to 0002, 0002, etc, all the way up to 0500. Group two can be seen by just going here and then changing the numbers from 0502, 0503, etc, all the way up to 1002. Comprende?"




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