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Ken's Favorites

"Latest cd I am playing to death is the new one, Z, from My Morning Jacket...dig those guitars, man!'

"Saw Me and You and Everyone We Know and, boy, this is a good movie...different, funny, sad, anxious, uplifting. Most of all, it is individual. "

"OK, OK, I give in! I am now watching Lost."

"Man, just reading my Art History book!"

"OK, so Savannah is not a cultural wasteland. I just saw the Maxfield Parrish exhibit and, god, it is amazing to see these originals up close!"

The concise portfolio is located

Please visit the Portrait site for your personal portrait needs.

This site showcases the artwork of the popular artist, Ken Meyer Jr. He has done artwork for role playing games, comic books, educational media, films, books, online games and private commissions. Any piece with an orange price on it is for sale.

"Please note my email address has changed to and the 'email me' button has only been changed here on the mainpage."

News and New Uploads

11/12/05 "Yet another batch of new stuff, this time, 5 Spaniards (Cervantes, Machado, Queen Sofia, Velazquez, and Dominguin), a little girl, and some guy from Jersey named Springsteen. "

10/17/05 "Time for a massive influx of new art! You can see school projects (Late Friend, Brak and Pal, Avery at Xmas 04, Avery Seurat, The Scream, Festus, and Crab), famous Spaniards (Dali, Gaudi, Almodovar, Lorca, and Goya), and game art (Christian, Fletcher, Ganhuru, Guruhi, and Kisha), whew!"

10/05/05 "I am now working in oils from time to time and here is an example of a recent portrait."

09/27/05 "Please drop what you are doing and go to the RAINN site (see image lower left) and order a calendar! Great images and a greater cause!"

08/24/05 "Two new commissions, one being a Marvel character, Dawnstar, and the other a new Clapton."

07/21/05 "A slew of new images, including a big T-Rex, a Spacegirl, an asian landscape, a girl stealing some Jim Beam, a Vampire King and a new/old Tori Amos. Also added to these existing pages: Bell Helmets, Dorian Gray and Self portrait."

07/01/05 "More new work, including a new Tori Amos, a large painting for a book with a black angel as the main character, a gothic piece, and an african themed piece that turned out really well."

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