Check this out!
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Jeffrey Jones
Possibly the best contemporary fine artist we have...a site filled with incredible images from an accessible icon.
Want tons of info and tons of links to comic creators? This is THE place to go...with tons of other stuff as well.
Joe Cartoon
One of the funniest sites I've been to...some of it you may find in bad taste, but get over it, man!
Sequential Tart
A really cool comics magazine online, run by a group of savvy and funny women...essential online comics reading!
Brian Michael Bendis
Yeah, he is everywhere, this bald genius...but he deserves all the acclaim he's getting...and he's damn funny!
Michael Kaluta
Art Gods fill this page, and Michael is definately one of them. Original Studio member...his site has tons of cool images, and I do mean tons!
Tim Bradstreet
The man. Mr. Dark his own bad self...almost singlehandedly made White Wolf.
Jim Fitzpatrick
Art god. He's done Thin Lizzy covers, incredibly intricate Celtic designs, and gorgeous paintings of gorgeous women. Look and be enthralled.
Rick Berry/Braid
Another Art God. Look at this site and be amazed that one man can be so good (and his studio mates are damn good too!).
If you want an incredible selection of fantasy art (and erotic and other types of photography and art, this may be the only place you need look.
Herb Leonhard
Here is another artist who does many paintings of musicians...gorgeous ones, too! He just had a book of his Tori Amos work published, that lucky skunk!
Truth Serum
This is a site for a wacky comic...lots of weird fun, including flash movies and flash conversations with static art...really cool and different.
This would be an incredible comic if a whole team produced it, but it is done by one incredibly prolific, hard working female artist/writer, Carla Speed McNeil...and that middle name speaks the truth. Art sorta like Gilbert Hernandez, story like nothing else. Get it now!
Steve Rude
Like he needs my help! Steve Rude is probably one of the best, and easily one of the most underused and underrated comics artist ever. Check his massive talent!
POD Gallery
And here is a wonderful place you can get high quality prints of many of my pieces, along with incredible artists like Jeff Jones, Steve Rude, Dan Brereton and more!
Chris Moeller
Another great guy and incredible artist, he has done comic work of his own, Star Wars, Wonder Woman, gaming work and much more...look and feel your jaw drop!
Just discovered this site, a wealth of incredible fantasy/sf art (some fan art as well)...I mean it, check it out!
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