Updated 7/27/11

As of this writing, I have been living in my old junior high school helltown (Savannah Georgia) with my wife Mona, our 17 year old daughter, Riley, and our 11 year old girl, Avery Raina for about 7 years. I have two talented other daughters (Rowan and Rahne) living with their mother out in California. It's been a long and winding road to get here, lemme tell ya! I was born an airforce brat in Isabella, Puerto Rico. I lost whatever brattish tendencies would have emerged, what with two brothers and two sisters following quickly after me.

We moved around quite a bit, living in 6 or 7 states (and the Philippines) until my mother and siblings and I ended up in Savannah, Georgia. My brother and I moved to Utah to live with our father late in high school and I went to college there, DJ'd at a radio station and had lots of pre-responsibility fun. I might not have been old enough to play online games at sites like http://www.poker.dk/, but we certainly managed to find plenty of ways to entertain ourselves. By this time, I was already beginning to develop an interest in comic book art. 

I then moved around a bit on my own, plowing through two cities in Utah (where I pretended to go to college), then onward to Albuquerque, Tucson, Las Vegas (where I worked on a secret project for a government contractor dealing with the Stealth fighter in the middle of the Nevada desert supposedly right across from Area 51), lived in the San Diego area for about 9 years (working for awhile on Everquest, a very popular online game), then Virginia and now back in Georgia.

I've been reading comics since I was a kid, and that is where I first started to learn how to draw, by first tracing from them in my grandmother's kitchen. I still read many comics, but they have drifted in subject matter from the superheroes of my youth to more alternative fare such as Cerebus, Strangers in Paradise, Kabuki, Preacher and others. A few artists who have really influenced me from comics include John Buscema, Barry Smith, Berni Wrightson, Dave Sim, Steve Rude, Dave McKean, Gil Kane and many others. Commercial artists that really amaze me include Rick Berry and Phil Hale (check out their incredible web site at: www.braid.com), Gary Kelley, Kazuhiko Sano, Brad Holland, David Grove and many others.

I've done work for Marvel Comics, Dark Horse Comics, Eclipse Comics, Image Comics, Caliber Press (where I did 5 issues of a continuing title, "Kilroy is Here"), Axcess magazine, Wizards of the Coast, White Wolf games and many mainstream companies (including, believe it or not, Penthouse publications). I've had work featured in many volumes of "Spectrum," a compilation of the best fantasy and science fiction art of the year and musician Tori Amos' '96/97 Tour's program book. A past project close to my heart was the Tori Amos/RAINN benefit calendar. You can see all of the past calendars here.

I finished my MFA in Sequential Art (that's comics to you, Zeke) at the Savannah College of Art and Design, as well asmy BFA in Illustration (Summa Cum Laude, for those who care). I hope to teach at the college level when the job market gets better, unless an incredible job drops in my lap. However, my lap is ready, so don't hesitate, big time CEO's out there!




All work above by me, except 4-7, which were done by fellow SCAD students